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One Minute Vacation
The Sounds in My Head
Some Assembly Required


Comfort Stand
Black Note Music
Young God Records
Rare Frequency
365 days project
Forever Changed

Listen Ability Rating: A wordy set of sounds, audio compounds, a homage to Beefheart...

"When we hear sounds we are forever changed...we are never the same..." , K. Stockhausen.

---------Interweaving the audio are the words of John Cage and Karl Heinz Stockhausen and an unknown student asking the question, "Can this souless electronic music, devoid of human inflection be a viable art or will it wither and die?"------------

Here is my answer...The Inkxpotter Resonse...Listening is your only option...

"Wild Life" by Captain Beefheart --

"Another Green World" Eno

"Studie One" Karl Heinz Stockhausen--

"Would I for all that were" Sun Ra

"Eyeballs" Oneohtrix Point Never

 ...And a shout out to those uploaders of video...

Peace Out.

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A Night of Living Sound

Listen Ability Rating: 9.9. The dissonance of times colliding. Mixed and matched often inappropriately.

My concept here is a mixing together of cultural artifacts from different time periods. The 50's and it's vision of the future. Tape decks and record players to be bought and sold. Automatic rewind waiting on the horizon. So simple, So convenient, So Easy to use. You get the idea.

Fast forwarding we end up in the now. A place where the call and response of Communication is Community echoes in our ears. "The technology of transmission is the promise of one world made whole. . .  I dream of a time when everybody breathes and touches each other on air."

Aldous Huxley enters our sound stage from somewhere in the 50's. His metaphysical, eastern outlook, fueled by the visions, the inner light shining.

From the war years prior to the fiftys we get a taste of state sponsored propaganda. It's the audio from a movie ,"The Spirit of '43", about saving your money to pay taxes and help the war effort. "Thanks to Hitler and Hirohito the war effort this year is more expensive than ever!". Funny how things have changed. The vid is highly entertaining.

A girl in trouble appears in dislocated time and it doesn't end well. It's one of those Mary met Robert stories and Mary ends up dead. As the narrator explains, "There's no easy way to tell a mother, "Your daughters been murdered.""

A few parting thoughts from Mr. Huxley and we are ready to shine thru.

peace Out.

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For Tomorrow We die

Listen Ability Rating: A CSI vs. Soap opera outakes mashup. You decide if he gets to the truth. Soothing to the mind and ears.

Delving deeper into meanings beyond fleeting hesitations. There is An Echo , A Stain, from Bjork's Vespertine album. Referring to the sound of a last breath as it moves thru space around the deathbed. An Armchair Traveller delivers up Walking Tracks. Referring to the footsteps we take down the long and circular road. Ending with Ben Frost and a Deconstructing Michael Gira from Evenings at Room40 and some sort of Untitled Transient.

In between, the sound fabric is woven with a tangle of the never ending line of people about to expire. The drama and the descent into nothingness. The image of a solitary figure against the afternoon sun, light streaming in from the open window, curtains floating around her, "I See You, Robin I SEE You!" and then it ends and the illusions fall away.


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Re-storing. De-stroying. Re-storying.

Listen Ability Rating: <<<<9.2>>>> Take one part Glenn Beck, a smattering of frost covered Washington Monuments, and a short history of King of the Luthiers and you've got no idea what I'm talking about. You'll just have to do the prudent thing and listen.

In the late summer of 2010 half a million minions assembled to absorb propaganda in it's most rarified form. An aptly titled "Restoring Honor" speech by Glenn Beck. He altered his tone from manic word-monger to fatherly wisdom imparter. Yet underneath the apolitical surface writhes a venomous snake, hungry for the souless masses, ready to exact the slow squeeze. Sort of like a boa constrictor on crack.

Into my re -storying of the speech I've added short fragments of music, all under the two minute mark. King Midas Sound, "Sumtime"  from Waiting for You , Ben Frost "Through the Glass of the Roof" from By the Throat, Broadcast and the Focus Group, "Will You Read Me" from Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age, John Oswald "spring" off of 69 Plunderphonics, Negativland "The Playboy Channel" off of Escape from Noise, Inxpotter "Amazing Grace" excavated especially for this podcast, and Rufus Harley "Re-Creation of the Gods" from the album of the same name.

Listen in and get the real story and let the Inxpotter know what you think!


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Enter A Time Machine

Listen Ability Rating: Going forward in the endless pursuit of time ... your ears are thus enabled to take an excursion you won't soon remember. Hauntology, Deep Dub, Cut and Paste, in other words.

A time machine operational manual is thus written, page one a reassembled version of Orson Welles radio theatre doing a bang up version of the HG Wells classic. Inkxpotter adds his own special chaos to the initial moments of transition.

Second decision is, Where to go? Or maybe better to decide if We Are After All Here. Off Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age -- propelling us deeper on our jouney through time.

We have landed, yet the gauge that tells us where and when is broken. Above us rings the deep soul of King Midas Sound. His golden voice echoing thru the jungle and making the apes sway in their trees. Dreaming deeply of a cure and remembering, the Earth a Killya.

Deep into the tunnel we have ventured a sound beckoning endlessly to us, calling us to listen and embrace the message. Even though we awoke in the morning from A Cold Freezin Night , The Way Out is surely thru The Books. 


PS. (don't miss The Books site.. a time machine unto itself!)


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Born with a Pure Ox

Listen Ability Rating: Born of controversy and extremely good looks this slumdog is waiting to inhabit your ears.

One missing in action. One breath of Maya. One Born free. One Redhead in Distress. One man with a gun. One paranoid driver. One place in the sun.  One unruly Ox. One weilding a bone. One shadowy monolith. One horse thats ok. One naked Zarathustra. One voice in the tunnel. One echo. One man with a horn. One illness. One Pure unending sound. One stillness.

All this adds us to Strange Music in Small Doses.


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No News is Good News

Listen Ability Rating: I'll give this one a seven because it's July and I wanted to finish this in June.

In this oversaturated media whirlwind that we currently survive in, that feeds upon and us and I upon it, I give to you a mix of noise and electricity and the sounds of distant callers wanting to be heard. So go on and listen!

Cut one is from the band Nice Nice, we heard "Pulp" from their album Chrome.

Cut two is from Water Tongue by the artist Aaron Martin.

Cut three is Part III (Excerpt) from Burning Star Core

In the immortal words of our hero, "I have a pain threshold that needs occasional relief..."


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Free Association is our Downfall

Listen Ability rating higher than usual due to the power of free association. Should be digestible by many ears over widest possible taste range.

Free thinkers unite!

This segment involves the power that is Jennifer Stone emanating from a story she wrote, "Now it is today" Not that anyone would recognize it after the mess I just made on my editing table.

Stay always faithfull on the Slow Boat to China. And please continue to row, row, row your boat merrily down the stream of dreams. Sherriff John Brown is watching from the river so no speeding.

At the far end of our journey the Council of Loathing awaits and Retribution is on their minds.


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Pentagon Shooter Blues

Pentagon Shooter Blues

In a twist on the familiar musical form called the blues we journey into the mind of the lone shooter scenario. The voice floating over our intro piece by Isotope 217, "Solaris" off of Utonion Automatic, is one John Patrick Bedell aka " the pentagon shooter".

From the words of our protangonist thru John Zorn's "Great Lobby" from Filmworks 3 and into the "The Bourgeois Blues" by Leadbelly. It was written after Lead Belly went to Washington, D.C. (just like the Pentagon Shooter!) at the request of Alan Lomax, to record a number of songs for the Library of Congress.The song rails against racism, classism, and discrimination in general, with such verses as "The home of the Brave / The land of the Free / I don't wanna be mistreated by no bourgeoisie".

Amidst all this voyaging one must keep in mind that no matter how difficult things seem, "Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down." Eric Bibb off of Mali to Memphis.

As the light fades on the walk into the unknown, the final facts are revealed and summarized by a statement released by the family,

"We may never know why he made this terrible decision.

One thing is clear though - his actions were caused by an illness and not a defective character."

Peace out.

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A Pound of Flesh

The rolling sounds of electrifying fetishism bark at our ears. Konono No 1 "Ungudi Wele Wele" They are known to command more respect on international stages than at home. The global audience is ready for this.

In the middle Jegog: The Bamboo Gamelan Of Bali "Tabuh Pengawit: Gending Truntungan" (in case you wanted to know.) I thought this mirrored the exotic sound of Konono's electric thumb pianos quite well if I do day so.

At the end there was a edited version of Bardo Ponds "Cry, Baby, Cry", probably their only Beatles cover but dont take my word for that.

In the middle, the in between spaces, the media seeping into the cracks trying to unravel the false flag for exactly what it is. Make your own conclusions.

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Leisure Highs, Inkxpotter, Harappian Night Recordings

Leisure Cairo flies Into Quinto

Listen Ability Rating:      " Depends on what you are looking for?"

Now that spring is upon us I have concocted my second cast of characters . February and the #2 of the number 10 and a milennium.

The track we started with was from Leisure Highs. And it features Blevin Blectum from Blectum from Blechdom & Eugene S. Robinson from Oxbow, LEISURE HIGH is an all-time obsession for all times. INTO QUINTO.

Inkxpotter mix 'The ghost of radios' and echoing thru the early days of its invention. we travel to a place, a theme be it rain on the roof, or a memory of being ill. A house we used to live in , a place we thought we knew and lost in thought, "Every sound is like a little death." repeating as we move thru this dimension...

We then wandered in to a tropical land where the light was low and Harappian Night Recordings gretted us there. Leaving nothing but , "Bare Cairo", for us to sink deep into.


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Fire of Unknown Origin

Listen Ability Rating:  Formless and Unforgiving

his time the space between podcasts has hit an all time high, but I pledge to those who continue to find me deeply buried in the engines of search, I pledge to you, you 100,000 strong that you will receive one casting of pod each month this year. Lucky You!

Amidst the samples of Patti Smith, Jennifer Stone, Bleepy Synths, Consciousness Scientists, theories of work by Alain de Botton the author of The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, and the worlds strongest man bending quarters with this teeth, you will find Strange Music...curious to take the journey now?

We've added in a few tracks from the latest Black Note Music Releases, "A Vast Stretch" from Lehadbik and the title track from Kyron's Union. Buy this music and be free.

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