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From Auld Lang Syne to Auld Lang Insane! Listenability Rating: Well, if you are dreading the annual singing of Auld Lang Syne on New Years eve, then you might like this more creative take on the Scottish favorite from "times gone by."

John Fahey begins tonites collection of 30 plus versions of the classic tune, Auld Lang Syne. This version features Fahey's inventive guitar playing, creative harmonizing, and singular tone. His guitar truly rings and sings in the coming year.

The Inkxpotter mix reveals and reconfigures my own online pillaging in search of as many interesting versions of our chosen tune.I've taken 25 or so takes on the  classic and left some clean, others overlapped in beautiful dissonances, and others  still shifting in and out of different sonic chambers.  Many of the links between the pieces are coincidental and much was left to chance in this mix. Inkxpotter Exclusive!

Continuing with the guitar theme we have Jimi Hendrix doing a little Auld, Live at the Fillmore East. Many years ago on a late night New Years eve music show I heard this version and remembered it to this day. I recently picked it up on Itunes and it really sounds as great as it did back then.

At this point in the podcast you have heard so many variations on Auld Lang Syne that you know the melody backwards and forwards. But do you know it sideways? We let the free improv jazz of the Ivo Perelman Trio take us on a very extended tour inside and outside of this fascinating melody. Enjoy!
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An all  Mr. Grinch show! Listenability Rating: If you like Mr.Grinch, Dr.Seuss, and some odd versions of a Christmas classic then you'll like this show.

It's Christmas time and so I too fall victim to the cheer, or do I? This week we've got a show full of the Grinch and his nasty vibe. We get it started tonite with Busta Rhymes and Jim Carey doing "Grinch 2000" . Obviously part of the soundtrack to the Grinch film. Put your red hip hop stocking caps on and get down with this!.

I've put together my own ttribute to the king of stingy, Mr.Grinchy. If you follow the link you can have a look at the twisted lyrics I recite on this weeks show. With tweaked out and electrified synths I pay homage to the mighty one in green. Taking the melody to noisy heights I strove to scale the snowy cliffs above Whoville and enter the Grinch's lair. Inkxpotter exclusive!

Rounding out the show we have Fareed Haque doing his take on our tune of the day. His jazzy guitar adds a decidedly funky twist to the sound of the Grinch. Happy New Year fortunate listeners and may the sound of strange music greet you at every turn!

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Groovy man, groovy! Listenability Rating: The groove rules in this episodic journey. From out there jazz to an R and B interlude and then back again. I think you'll like this more mellow collection, but beware of the black hole in the center of the podcast. It just may suck you in.

Fontanelle sets the pace and the tone for this episode of Strange Music in Small Doses. From their 2002 self titled relase we listened to a slightly shortened version of "Picture Start", The instrumental jazzy sounds bounce us around, ease us forward, cradle us in controlled chaos.

Inkxpotter mixes us up a selection from the words of the self proclaimed "Hip Hop Violinist" Miri Ben Ari. She was being interviewed by a local radio guy and had some cool words to pass on about playing music and living the musical life. Talking about communicating with music and other intangibles we somehow find tangible. In the middle of my mix I found it necessary to include a sample about the governments  program for having us inform on one another. The juxtaposition came forth and I gave it life, not able to explain that one. Have a listen and be enlightened and be scared at the same time, now that's what I call fun!  Inkxpotter exclusive!

Do Make Say Think gave us the closer for tonights show. We listened to Dr. Hooch (another edit for time considerations, you know how those extended jam sessions go). The groove once again coming forth and carrying us forward. Melocic lines change and repeat over the thump of the bass, the echo of the analogue synths and other tasty sounds. Dig it!
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SPIN .....this :) Listenability Rating::
These sounds are a bit more approachable for the new listener of this podcast. Here we have some psychedlic rhythms, some chopped up amazon myths, and a singular voice singing from the heart playing a pretty guitar.

Ghost gets us rolling once again on this weekly adventure to the avant extreme We listened to Aramaic Barbarous Dawn from Hypnotic Daydream. The ghost link takes you to a cool music review site ( that was mentioned with Strange Music in Small Doses in the December 05 issue of SPIN magazine. Getting some props peeps, a little PR never hurt nobody. If you  do follow the ghost link you will be treated with more than a music review, it's more of a poetic rendering of the psychedlic vision that lies behind the eyes of Ghost. Beware!

Taking inspiration from reality, or more precisely Reality TV. Survivor was my splice and dice victim this week. It seems the sruggle to survive is now in the depths of an Amazonion jungle. Before one of the contests a story was told. A mythic story from a tribe in the Amazon. The words, even though delivered in rapid fashion, devoid of inflection, still resonated with the sound of the jungle. Just the sound of the words stood out as more real than anything else that has ever happened in that reality..  Inkxpotter exclusive!

Devendra Banhart brings us home. His words, his guitar, hhis voice. Off his second CD "Nino Rojo" we listened to Ay Mama. His first "Rejoicing in the Hands" and the Cd we listened to were recorded together in the same sessions. "Devendra had SO MANY songs, and of such consistently high caliber, that it was impossible to edit down the material to a single album. " - Michael Gira.
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From Akron to Laptopland... and somewhere in between. Getting this episode started we have the Akron/Family and their multi-genre piece Moment.This is from their latest CD on Young God Records. The Cd is split between them and the Angels of Light. Two great artists, one great CD. Michael Gira (aka Angels of Light) writes. "A week after an extended US Tour and a few shows in Europe Akron/Family and I went into the studio and recorded this album straightaway. Akron/Family is my favorite "Rock Band" in the universe (or "rock-related band" - something like that!)"

Running into another Morpho Genex piece we have a cut I recently finished for Morpho Genex 2. Plans for an early release in 2006  makes this the only place you can here these particular sounds. A mix of vocalised noises from our friend the "insane Inkxpotter". Slightly crazy, slightly off, slightly out there.

Closing out the collision we have "Karaoke night in Laptopland" by Autodigest. This was off of the Exploratory Music from Portugal CD that came free with a Wire magazine in 2002. A change of pace from the density of the other pieces, here we have a balance of noise and silence. In lieu of actually finding a link to Autodigest I did come up with some info on another CD they made that consists entirely of  50 minutes of non stop clapping, taken from numerous sources. Sounds like strange music to me.

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So it's been a while...let's get strange! Yes, I am aware how long its been since I put one of these podcasts on the air. But there is so much music to create and splice and dice, mix and remix. You know how it goes. First up on this show is a piece off of John Oswalds 2 Disc 69Plunderphonics96 Box set. "Don't" is the name of the piece and we are treated to a sublime mix of Elvis, copious overdubs and a Spector like wall of sound. Oswald was and is ahead of the curve when it comes to the plundering of sound. The set also comes with a 60 page booklet that describes the elements present and motivations behind each piece. Fascinating stuff.

Following that fun time with sounds we have a character currently in development? Morpho Genex is the name of the Cd and it features the sound of Inkxpotter himself on vocalisation. Or as some may call him "Insane Inkxpotter". Recorded a few years back but recently mixed by Kyron we have the piece "Slalom". I am currently working on pieces for the next Morpho Genex CD which will feature pieces mixed by Kyron and I. Buy this one!

Closing out the set we've got Alan Sondheim and Ritual All 770 off of the debut recording done in 1967. I spied this one at the Amoeba records in San Francisco and decided to give it a shot. It definitely qualifies as strange music and worth a few listens. It was recently considered a rarity until Fire Museum Records  in SF re-released it.
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Before there was Inkxpotter. There was Vergot.
Read the history of VERGOT!
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Warping the old into the future Listenability Rating: Moderately advanced - if you can get past the abrasive violins, the random assemblage there awaits a funky orchestra at the end.

In a modern classical mood we have The Kronos Quartet playing the first movement from composer George Crumb's "Black Angels," a vivdly descriptiive work inspired by the Vietnam war. Composed in 1970 it pushes the limits of the staunchy string quartet, and does it with a bit of humor too.  Crumb describes this work as "a kind of parable on our troubled contemporary world."

Sometimes the links between these pieces only become apparent to me as I am forced to verbalize a descriptive rational behind my motives. So what I see is this fusing of the old, recognizable sounds of the orchestra and the string quartet and the more extended, modern, electric, out there sounds of the now. Since this filters thru me I find myself, Inkxpotter, mixing together both in my own piece, "Visual Clues." There is the ever present neutral flavors of noise along with the classical guitar, the synth squeeks and blips alongside my own nylon string imaginings.

The sounds of Jimi Tenor bring us the " Night in Loimaa" from his 2000 release "Out of nowhere". For this album he's joins with the Orchestra of the Great Theatre of Lodz in Poland. The result is an orchestra with a distinctive soulful groove. Tenor says his greatest talent is faking, making people believe he has a talent even if he doesn't. Well, whatever he says, he makes great music, cleverly combining elements from jazz, funk, soul and techno into an enjoyable experience.
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A bit of Japanese Strange
Listenability Rating:  Intoxicating: One may find that the crackles and pops on this podcast go much farther than Rice Krispies ever intended.

This weeks show starts off with Akinori and his piece, "Red Field." I like the piece but wasn't able to locate a link to the artist. Maybe someone, somewhere can locate a link to Akinori. I found a few things but they didn't seem right.

In the ongoing series of collages I've mixed together with material I've recorded with my Ipod this weeks selection is titled "Somber Slumber.'" The recording quality is sub standard but I like the flexibility I get with the Ipod and the Ilisten attatchment, the two minute intervals when the hard drive starts spinning gets recorded so accurately. Anyway the sounds get sequenced through Sonar and out comes another something or other.

Ryuchi Sakamoto closes out our slightly Japanese foray into the strange. He has experimented with many different musical styles throughout his career and has made a name for himself in popular, classical and, film music. We listened to a few short pieces from his soundtrack to "Love is the Devil."
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Cycles of spinning spirits a spiral light comes forth from the cosmos...
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