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Chipmunks in the Circuit Listen Ability Rating: From a circuit bent chipmunk to avant electro jazz and the indigenious sounds of urban improv this podcast is full of surprises. (22:30, 30.2mb)

The first piece that enters our collective ears is from a CD I came across in the Amoeba record store in SF. "Gravikords Whirlies & Pyrophones" is a collection of odd sounds from makers of unusual instruments. It comes with a cool booklet that goes into detail about the instrument makers. Reed Ghazala's "Silence the Tongues of Prophecy" is a part of this collection, he is known as the father of Circuit Bending, if you don't know what that is check out his site for more info. Or have a listen to his piece which features a collection of his hand built instruments.

Following the silence we have a cut off of David Toop's 1996 solo album titled, "Pink Noir". We have a listen to the cool title track. I've played some of the music that he has written about on past shows but this is the first time we get a chance to listen to his own music. Highly reccommended!

Rounding out the shape is the cut "After Marja's Cats" off of the recently released No Neck Blues Band and Embryo collaboration, EmbryoNNCK. Seven tracks and 44 minutes of concentrated musical collaboration, a fierce and uncompromising mesh of artistic visions that will surely be among the year’s best experimental releases.


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Part of Corey - Video Cast Check out the cool sounds of Akron/Family and a bit of video I edited together to meld with the music.

New podcast up soon!
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Palindromic snow falls in L.A. Listen Abiliy Rating: This week we have a gamut of sounds from avant electronic to edgy ambient and a dose of lo-fi freedom thrown in for good measure. (30.9mb, 22:20)

Gordon Mumma sets us off on our way with "Stressed Space Palindromes" which was created in the time frame 1977-82.
"I suggest that the most important creative aspect of live-performance electronic music technology is not this or that circuit innovation, but rather the total configuration itself." - G. Mumma
He worked a lot with live performance but I kinda doubt this piece was one that could be played live.

Blood and Snow off of Susumu Yokota's 2003 Cd The Boy And the Tree fills in the mid section of our three part dis-harmony.
 "The boy of The Boy And The Tree is me, and this is my dream story. There is an island called Yakushima in the south of Japan, which is designated as a world heritage site. It rains a lot there and there are many trees that are two or three thousand years old. It is a very mysterious island." - Susumu Yokota

Ariel Pink and his lo-fi masterpiece from 2003 Worm Copy brings us a glimpse of "Life in LA". The grainy faraway sound of this piece makes it a perfect snapshot of life in the deepest corners of the city of Angels.

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Nobukazu Promises Land to Fa Fua Listen Ability Rating: A taste of Edan's funky rap, Nobukazu's quirky kitsch, and Blumm's childish moments.

From 2005's Beauty and the Beat we listen to a cut itled "Promised Land." With rapid fire rap spilling out apocolyptic futuristic visions Edan gives us a taste of the past to live for.

Cut number two is a challenging listen but I am sure my listeners can handle it. From Nobukazu Takemura we have the piece "Trampoline " off of the Cd Hoshi no Koe, which came out in 2001 on the Thrill Jockey label. Nobukazu is a Japanese musician whose style has run from jazz to house to drum and bass to chamber music to electronic glitch within less than a decade.  In his bio I read that Takemura was also responsible for the sound design of Sony's robotic dog Aibo. Think of little Aibo attempting to communicate his emotions to humans as a reference point for this melodious track!

For our third selection we have a soothing contrast to Takemura with FS Blumm and his piece "Fa", I found this one on a CD entitled Childish Music, a collection of pieces by various artists doing childish things with sound.  Hope you enjoy the latest collection and leave me some feedback if you get a chance. Keep on listening!
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Fiery Bentleys Invade the Moon... Listen Ability Rating: Welcome back friends of the Strange! I have prepared a show of  electro jazz noise, ambient piano ships, and moon children possessed  ---   So if your ears are ready to resume then I will give them a jolt of fun!

So it is in the resuming that we begin again. What is a few months in the grand schematic of the wiring diagram? You were busy as was I and the past days slipped away like so much sound. Yet a bit of reassurance was found in watching the steady stream of downloads of past episodes continue to flow from the Strange Music archives. The momentum continues to fuel the creature but it's time for some fresh food, so feast!

Lets refresh our ears with a taste of The Fiery Furnaces The song is called "Oh Sweet the Woods" off of Bitter Tea. Heres a taste of the lyrics to set the mood...

"I was in Tahoe, on the California side,

waiting in the lobby at 665 1/2 Frontage Road
when two extra-blond short-sleeve button-down
white-shirt blue-tie mystery Mormons
came in and put this music on:"....

So imagine the music they would put on and then twist it around your mind until it spirals back again. Envelopes of dimensional spirit...reflectors of inner eyes...ritualized and fanatacized in glorious harmonies of Excellence.

Sound is ours. When we find our ears heading into a bit of ambient meets rocking sea vessel. Artist/ComposerMagician M. Bentley shares an excerpt from his piece Piano Ship.
I see far off shores and echoes of ports in the sky.
Free falling like dreams in an echoless sphere.
Influencing the random exzubberence
I share with you these elements of reverential Space.

An episode of extremes has reinitiated the SMSD download.

Yes I once again mine the seemingly endless variety of sounds contained in the John Zorn library. Not just another bit of disturbing sonic artifacts, not this time. Here we have something special. A communication of reunion and unity. A prayer to the sky.To the moon children of humanity not living.
Mr. Zorn did get one of those genius grants so we must listen ever so closely for the hidden subtext of magick and ritual in the sound of "Possession" from his recent CD Moonchild.
With the likes of Trevor Dunn, Joey Baron , and Michael Patton's roaring vocalisations.  Zorn more or less set the space for them to sonically carve out a magick ritual to the moonchild.
This piece of course is take out of context, only available for those brave enough to allow the harking harmonies of the entire Cd to enter through participative listening.
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Aphexiated Radio Hum Listen Ability Rating: You are feeling fitter and happier and the crush of improvised hum will suit you just fine. (11.3mb. 9:50)

The first piece we are listening to is a little gem from Radiohead titled, "Fitter, Happier." This cut is off of their gazillion selling OK Computer album. Oddly disturbing use of the often mocked "computer as narrator" technique.

Under the category of ramshackle demix I have constructed a bit of malappropriated sound sourcing from our old buddy Aphex Twin. Calling this piece "Ateg, Achex" it sounds more like a sneeze than a song but I am sure we can all appreciate the sonic complexity that underlies such a sneeze.

During this show i call this band Hornswoggle and Humcrush, but it is in fact Stronen/Storloklen, the album is Humcrush and the song is Hornswoggle. This is a collaboration between the keyboardist from SuperSilent and the drummer from Food. They improvised these sessions in the studio creating a complex interplay of sound. Check it out!

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Altering the electronic field... Listen Ability Rating: Insanity reigns supreme! (24:24, 28mb)

As the summer hiatus into the landscape briefly opens up I have prepared a feast of audio delight for your consumption. We start off with the words of EJ Gold read by the Inkxpotter amidst a cacophony of electronic vibration. The piece is title "Corpuscle."

For an altogether abrubt segue we head into the world of the "Disco Infiltrator" by LCD Soundsystem. I've been wanting to play this track for a while but couldn't find the right spot for it, until now.

Heading into the world of John Zorn once again (a vast and varied landscape indeed) we explore the sounds of "Nerve Key" from Songs from the Hermetic Theatre. One of the very few purely electronic pieces he has composed, this one is worth a careful listen.
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Evolved Idea Listen Ability Rating: Well it's short and it runs the gamut from comedy to cathedrals of light. (11:56, 13.7mb)

For this episode I've thrown in the comedy of Bill Hicks and some squelchy noises by Wolf Eyes. Bill has a few choice words to say about the evolution of ideas. Which also relates to our own ideas about the ever evolving soundscape that we inhabit on a daily basis. We flow thru this into my own beat laden mix titled "Bubbles and the Marim Buh". A strange name for a rather straightforward piece.

From there we go towards the "Cathedral of light", a piece by William Parker off of his recently released CD , Long Hidden: The Olmec Series. He writes in the liner notes that his whole theory of music is contained in this piece. See if you can hear it.
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Voices in your head...? Listen Ability Rating : An extended mix of sound and suicidal rambling.  (22:04, 25.3mb)

Although I usually play a few pieces of carefully chosen music by other artists to accompany what I have been working on this will not be the case for this episode of Strange Music in Small Doses. The extended mix I have prepared uses samples from a radio documentary on suicide, found sounds, and synth textures. All of these unfold in a rather lengthy fashion leaving little room for any other music to fill in the edges.

A few mentions of the Golden Gate Bridge caught my interest when I first heard the documentary a few months ago, I came across it in the archive last night and put this mix together. Enjoy!
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Xploding Wibutee and the Milford Midi Listen Ability Rating: A good introduction to the sounds that my show has to offer. We've got beats, jazzy flavors and, as always, a bit of heavy deconstruction writhing in between. (15:02, 17.3mb)

This episode was inspired by a recent live music event where I saw the Kronos Quartet in San Francisco. They did a variety of modern pieces that included taped, improvised and other elements. Matmos also joined them for thrilling electronic and live sound moments.

Wibutee gets us moving with their own combination of jazz and electronica. This is a cut titled "1-800- Skauen" off of their 2004 release on Jazzland Records Playmachine.

On my usual excursions thru cyberspace I came upon a website for the school district of Milford, Connecticut. There I found a midi file that was created by a student named Tim Wilson for his electronic music class, he titled the piece "Helms Deep." In true Inkxpotter fashion I have mutated it with Ableton Live and turned it into my own homage to the ogres and trolls of Tolkien. Inkxpotter exclusive!

Xploding Plastix is the musical child of Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Hagen. An oeuvre of an ear-opener: Zipping and unzipping the beat, a beat-science out-of the ordinary. Emphasizing the flowing warmth and organity of the rhythms. Triggering flailing, skittering, skipping and spinning breaks, makes this pure nigthvisioning. We listened to "Sports, not heavy crime" off of the 2001 release Amateur girlfriends go proskirt agents.
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