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One Minute Vacation
The Sounds in My Head
Some Assembly Required


Comfort Stand
Black Note Music
Young God Records
Rare Frequency
365 days project
Mingus, Inkxpotter, Nauman, Reynolds

ListenAbility Rating : 8.3  Musings and rumblings from the heart of the internet beast, a cornucopia of visions and exhaltations.

In summary, we use the sounds of Charles Mingus from 1962's "Oh Yeah", Passions of a Man was the cut we heard. Then we move onto the Inkxpotter mish mash of talk radio musings on the curses of tecnology that plague the youth of today. Segue number 3 leads us into the mind of Bruce Nauman. Act4 heads it ull up with Todd Reynolds and Kid Beyond with Transamerica off of "Outerburroughs".

Listen up people!

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From Chaos to calm

Listen Ability Rating : If you can make it deep into the freedom that pours forth from the man with the sax you are rewarded with openness on the other side.

For this segment of time I have constructed a three part transition that anchors itself firmly in the year 1966. We are at Temple University and listening to one John Coltrane play "Leo." "This cat makes the horn go places I didn't even now existed", you take another puff on your joint and knowingly smile and nod your head.

With the use of the ipad and the ims-20 app Korg has made a cool instrument. The original hardware came out in 1978 and was introduction until 1983. The software is quite nice especially when attached to a midi keyboard externally. a nob turning, patch cording, key pounding barrel of fun!

We closed with the sounds of Miki Yui and a tune called Long Before, this is off of "Magina" and just came out in december of 2010. One Akio Suzuki says, "Music that my ears never want to hear through half-baked equipment."

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Cage. Wendt, Orcutt and Schwitters

Listen Ability Rating: If the sound of acapella voices, beautifully mangled guitars and various ruminations on the occult grabs your fancy than this podcast is for you.

This episode starts out with the sounds of Bill Orcutt and Sad News from Korea, this is off of A New Way To Pay Old Debts, released in 2009 and just re released on CD. "It's an intense set of raw, blues-influenced songs that sound heavier than most of the guitar records in your collection put together!!"

From here we transition to Obscure #5 - Voices and Instruments - , which was released on Brian Eno's Obscure Records label in 1976. This record exists only on out of print vinyl and in the digital domain of downloadableness. It is a very quiet and beautiful record, featuring three compositions by Jan Steele on one side, and five compositions by John Cage on the other side. We heard Forever and Sunsmell [lyrics by E. E. Cummings, vocals by Carla Bley].

Next up is Zoo by Larry Wendt. He started his creative artistic activities in the mid 70s focusing on creating text-sound compositions. His works are widely represented in various radio programs and performances in different countries.

To close out the cast we were treated to Ribble Bobbie Pimlico by Kurt Schwitters. Performed by Die Schwindlinge.

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Forever Changed

Listen Ability Rating: A wordy set of sounds, audio compounds, a homage to Beefheart...

"When we hear sounds we are forever changed...we are never the same..." , K. Stockhausen.

---------Interweaving the audio are the words of John Cage and Karl Heinz Stockhausen and an unknown student asking the question, "Can this souless electronic music, devoid of human inflection be a viable art or will it wither and die?"------------

Here is my answer...The Inkxpotter Resonse...Listening is your only option...

"Wild Life" by Captain Beefheart --

"Another Green World" Eno

"Studie One" Karl Heinz Stockhausen--

"Would I for all that were" Sun Ra

"Eyeballs" Oneohtrix Point Never

 ...And a shout out to those uploaders of video...

Peace Out.

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A Night of Living Sound

Listen Ability Rating: 9.9. The dissonance of times colliding. Mixed and matched often inappropriately.

My concept here is a mixing together of cultural artifacts from different time periods. The 50's and it's vision of the future. Tape decks and record players to be bought and sold. Automatic rewind waiting on the horizon. So simple, So convenient, So Easy to use. You get the idea.

Fast forwarding we end up in the now. A place where the call and response of Communication is Community echoes in our ears. "The technology of transmission is the promise of one world made whole. . .  I dream of a time when everybody breathes and touches each other on air."

Aldous Huxley enters our sound stage from somewhere in the 50's. His metaphysical, eastern outlook, fueled by the visions, the inner light shining.

From the war years prior to the fiftys we get a taste of state sponsored propaganda. It's the audio from a movie ,"The Spirit of '43", about saving your money to pay taxes and help the war effort. "Thanks to Hitler and Hirohito the war effort this year is more expensive than ever!". Funny how things have changed. The vid is highly entertaining.

A girl in trouble appears in dislocated time and it doesn't end well. It's one of those Mary met Robert stories and Mary ends up dead. As the narrator explains, "There's no easy way to tell a mother, "Your daughters been murdered.""

A few parting thoughts from Mr. Huxley and we are ready to shine thru.

peace Out.

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For Tomorrow We die

Listen Ability Rating: A CSI vs. Soap opera outakes mashup. You decide if he gets to the truth. Soothing to the mind and ears.

Delving deeper into meanings beyond fleeting hesitations. There is An Echo , A Stain, from Bjork's Vespertine album. Referring to the sound of a last breath as it moves thru space around the deathbed. An Armchair Traveller delivers up Walking Tracks. Referring to the footsteps we take down the long and circular road. Ending with Ben Frost and a Deconstructing Michael Gira from Evenings at Room40 and some sort of Untitled Transient.

In between, the sound fabric is woven with a tangle of the never ending line of people about to expire. The drama and the descent into nothingness. The image of a solitary figure against the afternoon sun, light streaming in from the open window, curtains floating around her, "I See You, Robin I SEE You!" and then it ends and the illusions fall away.


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Re-storing. De-stroying. Re-storying.

Listen Ability Rating: <<<<9.2>>>> Take one part Glenn Beck, a smattering of frost covered Washington Monuments, and a short history of King of the Luthiers and you've got no idea what I'm talking about. You'll just have to do the prudent thing and listen.

In the late summer of 2010 half a million minions assembled to absorb propaganda in it's most rarified form. An aptly titled "Restoring Honor" speech by Glenn Beck. He altered his tone from manic word-monger to fatherly wisdom imparter. Yet underneath the apolitical surface writhes a venomous snake, hungry for the souless masses, ready to exact the slow squeeze. Sort of like a boa constrictor on crack.

Into my re -storying of the speech I've added short fragments of music, all under the two minute mark. King Midas Sound, "Sumtime"  from Waiting for You , Ben Frost "Through the Glass of the Roof" from By the Throat, Broadcast and the Focus Group, "Will You Read Me" from Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age, John Oswald "spring" off of 69 Plunderphonics, Negativland "The Playboy Channel" off of Escape from Noise, Inxpotter "Amazing Grace" excavated especially for this podcast, and Rufus Harley "Re-Creation of the Gods" from the album of the same name.

Listen in and get the real story and let the Inxpotter know what you think!


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Enter A Time Machine

Listen Ability Rating: Going forward in the endless pursuit of time ... your ears are thus enabled to take an excursion you won't soon remember. Hauntology, Deep Dub, Cut and Paste, in other words.

A time machine operational manual is thus written, page one a reassembled version of Orson Welles radio theatre doing a bang up version of the HG Wells classic. Inkxpotter adds his own special chaos to the initial moments of transition.

Second decision is, Where to go? Or maybe better to decide if We Are After All Here. Off Broadcast and the Focus Group Investigate Witch Cults of the Radio Age -- propelling us deeper on our jouney through time.

We have landed, yet the gauge that tells us where and when is broken. Above us rings the deep soul of King Midas Sound. His golden voice echoing thru the jungle and making the apes sway in their trees. Dreaming deeply of a cure and remembering, the Earth a Killya.

Deep into the tunnel we have ventured a sound beckoning endlessly to us, calling us to listen and embrace the message. Even though we awoke in the morning from A Cold Freezin Night , The Way Out is surely thru The Books. 


PS. (don't miss The Books site.. a time machine unto itself!)


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Born with a Pure Ox

Listen Ability Rating: Born of controversy and extremely good looks this slumdog is waiting to inhabit your ears.

One missing in action. One breath of Maya. One Born free. One Redhead in Distress. One man with a gun. One paranoid driver. One place in the sun.  One unruly Ox. One weilding a bone. One shadowy monolith. One horse thats ok. One naked Zarathustra. One voice in the tunnel. One echo. One man with a horn. One illness. One Pure unending sound. One stillness.

All this adds us to Strange Music in Small Doses.


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No News is Good News

Listen Ability Rating: I'll give this one a seven because it's July and I wanted to finish this in June.

In this oversaturated media whirlwind that we currently survive in, that feeds upon and us and I upon it, I give to you a mix of noise and electricity and the sounds of distant callers wanting to be heard. So go on and listen!

Cut one is from the band Nice Nice, we heard "Pulp" from their album Chrome.

Cut two is from Water Tongue by the artist Aaron Martin.

Cut three is Part III (Excerpt) from Burning Star Core

In the immortal words of our hero, "I have a pain threshold that needs occasional relief..."


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Free Association is our Downfall

Listen Ability rating higher than usual due to the power of free association. Should be digestible by many ears over widest possible taste range.

Free thinkers unite!

This segment involves the power that is Jennifer Stone emanating from a story she wrote, "Now it is today" Not that anyone would recognize it after the mess I just made on my editing table.

Stay always faithfull on the Slow Boat to China. And please continue to row, row, row your boat merrily down the stream of dreams. Sherriff John Brown is watching from the river so no speeding.

At the far end of our journey the Council of Loathing awaits and Retribution is on their minds.


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Pentagon Shooter Blues

Pentagon Shooter Blues

In a twist on the familiar musical form called the blues we journey into the mind of the lone shooter scenario. The voice floating over our intro piece by Isotope 217, "Solaris" off of Utonion Automatic, is one John Patrick Bedell aka " the pentagon shooter".

From the words of our protangonist thru John Zorn's "Great Lobby" from Filmworks 3 and into the "The Bourgeois Blues" by Leadbelly. It was written after Lead Belly went to Washington, D.C. (just like the Pentagon Shooter!) at the request of Alan Lomax, to record a number of songs for the Library of Congress.The song rails against racism, classism, and discrimination in general, with such verses as "The home of the Brave / The land of the Free / I don't wanna be mistreated by no bourgeoisie".

Amidst all this voyaging one must keep in mind that no matter how difficult things seem, "Don't Ever Let Nobody Drag Your Spirit Down." Eric Bibb off of Mali to Memphis.

As the light fades on the walk into the unknown, the final facts are revealed and summarized by a statement released by the family,

"We may never know why he made this terrible decision.

One thing is clear though - his actions were caused by an illness and not a defective character."

Peace out.

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A Pound of Flesh

The rolling sounds of electrifying fetishism bark at our ears. Konono No 1 "Ungudi Wele Wele" They are known to command more respect on international stages than at home. The global audience is ready for this.

In the middle Jegog: The Bamboo Gamelan Of Bali "Tabuh Pengawit: Gending Truntungan" (in case you wanted to know.) I thought this mirrored the exotic sound of Konono's electric thumb pianos quite well if I do day so.

At the end there was a edited version of Bardo Ponds "Cry, Baby, Cry", probably their only Beatles cover but dont take my word for that.

In the middle, the in between spaces, the media seeping into the cracks trying to unravel the false flag for exactly what it is. Make your own conclusions.

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Leisure Highs, Inkxpotter, Harappian Night Recordings

Leisure Cairo flies Into Quinto

Listen Ability Rating:      " Depends on what you are looking for?"

Now that spring is upon us I have concocted my second cast of characters . February and the #2 of the number 10 and a milennium.

The track we started with was from Leisure Highs. And it features Blevin Blectum from Blectum from Blechdom & Eugene S. Robinson from Oxbow, LEISURE HIGH is an all-time obsession for all times. INTO QUINTO.

Inkxpotter mix 'The ghost of radios' and echoing thru the early days of its invention. we travel to a place, a theme be it rain on the roof, or a memory of being ill. A house we used to live in , a place we thought we knew and lost in thought, "Every sound is like a little death." repeating as we move thru this dimension...

We then wandered in to a tropical land where the light was low and Harappian Night Recordings gretted us there. Leaving nothing but , "Bare Cairo", for us to sink deep into.


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Fire of Unknown Origin

Listen Ability Rating:  Formless and Unforgiving

his time the space between podcasts has hit an all time high, but I pledge to those who continue to find me deeply buried in the engines of search, I pledge to you, you 100,000 strong that you will receive one casting of pod each month this year. Lucky You!

Amidst the samples of Patti Smith, Jennifer Stone, Bleepy Synths, Consciousness Scientists, theories of work by Alain de Botton the author of The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work, and the worlds strongest man bending quarters with this teeth, you will find Strange Music...curious to take the journey now?

We've added in a few tracks from the latest Black Note Music Releases, "A Vast Stretch" from Lehadbik and the title track from Kyron's Union. Buy this music and be free.

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OJ Dollar Sign Bulls Eye Listen Ability Rating: A cross pollination of my own with the sounds of Mr. OJ Simpson and the curse of literature.

So to be brief in a sense I will make it clear that this is not anything you would be interested in hearing. But go ahead and listen anyway. "I got a bullseye on my front and a dollar sign on my back," laments the Juice while we ponder the purgatory of his existence.

Following this we listened to Arnold Dreyblatt's poetic langour termed "Brushtones". Off of an Atlantic Waves compilation from 2006.

Running thru the street with the green knife and infected by Polish novels while stranded...We close the trio of sound with Danças Ocultas and their piece, "Alchimie."

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Knife in the Clouds Listen Ability Rating: This episode may be more easily digested than a burger at Mickey D's!

This time I've decided to create a free flowing mix of sound fom a variety of  recordings.  The first excerpt that comes into your ears is a snippet from that crazy bagpiper Rufus Harley. His Re-Creation of the Gods gets us locked and loaded with "Nobody knows the trouble we've seen".

The "Missing Voice" comes hautingly forward from the mind of Janet Cardiff. Fragments of the voice find their way into the many crevices of this episode.

From the city to the jungle we enter the world of Flourescent Gray with their quaintly titled sonnet, "A Peruvian Shaman Sits Down To Make IDM On His Laptop." 

Amid the filter can we can also make out the mildly manipulated sounds of Haco's "Start up + no wave."

Enjoy the return for a while!

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Music to live by. Listen Ability Rating; This one may prove to be a challenge for those less accustomed to random weirdness but hang on tight and you may have your sonic appetite satiated. (24.3mb/ 17:13)

Posted from the trusty and ever present iPhone. This podcast initiates a series of undetermined number, they are titled "Music to live by." These will include extensive use of a recent invention curiously called "remote control." Sourced from the random vibrations of AM radio a sound continues to appear and begs to be revealed. Inkxpotter has promised to explore this new instrument and all results will be posted with utmost haste.

Although the sounds from this side of the web have been far and few between lately this montage is sure to make you wonder if I did truly wait long enough between episodes. Enjoy!

Oh and ALOG played "Change Position" off of Miniatures to close this podcast.

Keep on listening!
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Off to the Shelter! Listen Ability Rating: Apocalypse on the brain can lead in strange directions. A delicious sampling of 50's inspired hysteria mixed in with unusual musics. (27.4mb, 19:47)

This week I have filled in the gaps between my musical selections with snippets from a record titled "If the Bomb Falls". An interesting and completely serious synopsis of what to do in case of a nuclear attack. Enjoy!

In the first stages of the apocalypse their will be mass confusion. I found this selection by Dokaka to be a rather stunning representation of the chaos and discomfort this might cause for everyone involved. "Economy Parcel Post" is the name of this piece and it's another cut off of the Atlantic Waves sampler that I played on the last show.

In a more literal vein I chose William S. Burroughs intoning "Apocalypse" from his Dead City Radio album. Amidst the confusion arises something recognizable, long hidden and well worth the wait.

In the aftermath Albert Ayler gives us a hint of what we might see. The piece we heard is "untitled blues" but don't let that title fool you. With what starts out as a standard blues tune for a moment is quickly reconfigured into something else entirely. Be prepared.

And now, off to the shelter we go!

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Labyrinth Dawning Listen Ability Rating:  An interesting conversation with a film maker amid my usual smorgasborg of music.

This episode intermingles some interesting thoughts from film maker Guillermo Del Toro. He talks about insects, fantasy and reality and other cool stuff.

Musically we start with Jonas Braasch off his Global Reflections CD. This Cd features six sound recordings from various sites around the world. We listened to the one from Montreal. But he takes the idea in an interesting direction by using motifs he's recorded on site and then translates them into the language of the solo soprano sax.

Secondly our ears get a bit arythmic with our old friend Jon Oswald. These works continue to fascinate me. There use of recognizable tunes reconstructed yet still retaining an aural reference to the original, it's something about their ability to invoke and reconfigure that intrigues me. Here in "Rose" the echoes of Captain Beefheart's peculair brand of rhythm and chaos is turned in to chaos and a lilting twisted flower unfolds.

Z'EV takes us to the outro. We sampled the sounds of "The Smoking Key" off of the latest sampler from the Atlantic Waves music fest. The piece may sound like it is overly saturated in reverb, muddied and indistinct. But the medium is the message. Listen closely for the sounds of insects, archangels, and fauns speaking in tongues.

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Seeing and the letter C Listen Ability Rating: Odd Dj makes mix of sounds with a coincidental letter.

Yes there are some new sounds awaiting your ears, hear they are here. Been reading about the Return of Quetzlcoatl, a book by Daniel Pinchbeck.  Got me motivated to assemble this mix.

First up, after my "intro", we listen to Sonic Youth off of their latest CD Rather Ripped and the track "Do you beleive in rapture?"

There are a few tracks in the mix by Curium and the CD Nowever. The CD is built around poems by ee cummings and it's cool. I played "When God Decided To Invent" and "O Purple Finch/ Please Tell Me Why."

Sandwiched in between the Curium is a group called The Dead C. We listened to "Voodoo Spell" off of Vain, Erudite And Stupid .

Closing out the set we heard @C and their found sound masterpiece Int 10_34. Enjoy.
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Anorexia minimilism gone fishing Listen Ability?Another hiatus of unknown origin brings this wrongly dated podcast to your ears. Better later than nevered.

First slab o sound we listen to is a piece by Satanicpornocultshop titled Anorexia Gas balloon, this is a tasty little treatise on candy and all the disturbing things in her mind circa 1960s Velvet Underground and beyond.

Following that your ears were treated to a slice of minimilsm via Fred Frith and his solo CD Clearing. One of my favorite guitar masters he always has a thing to say in his own unique way.

Lastly I sampled a cut off of an LP that came out in the 60's (and more recently was found on the 365 day project) that features a couple chatting away about nothing in particular. The fun thing about it is that the LP was designed to be played while you were not at home in order to discourage burgalars from popping in unexpectedly. Follow the 365 day link for a full hour of this fun!
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Overheard Music Listen Ability Rating: Given the approach many of these musicians and artists take, we might say: the instrument as body, the body as instrument.

For this sequence of sounds we ventured into the limitless universe that is ubuweb and found a recent "audio response" to an art exhibit at the ICA in Boston.  This compilation is called Music Overheard and was edited by Damon Krukowski.

"Rather than look to the latest computer-based electronica-the futuristic sounds of tomorrow-I wanted to gather work made by traditional means, which would not have been possible outside today's digital audio environment." - Damon Krukowski

Our set focuses on the body as instrument and starts with a piece by Matmos titled "Memnto Mori" which is composed entirely from samples of human skull, goat spine and connective tissue, and artificial teeth.

The second piece is "Ritual with Giant Hissing Madagascar Cockroaches"  and was performed by Miya Masaoka with thirteen Madagascar Cockroaches. She triggered the insects' amplified hissing noises while they were crawling over her body.

The last selection was "The Body is a Sound Factory" by Henri Chopin. He is one of the pioneers of sound poetry, both with his own works and with his work as a publisher. Since the 1950s, Chopin has explored the amplification of the voice and the body, the vibrations of the larynx, the labial snaps and the hiss of bodily systems.
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Telekinetic Moonshine Listen Ability Rating: Odd droning sounds overlayed with tasty bits of sampled bytes. Have a listen.

On this episode we start off with the sounds of "New York, New York" played by a chorus of car horns. Hear it and hum along. But the show really begins with the sounds of Ubique and their sound sculpture titled "neglect of those In between." Ubique, the Latin word for "everywhere" is the motto of the British Royal Artillery.

Bardo Pond offers our next sonic flavor in the form of "Moonshine" off of Ticket Crystals. I've listened to this CD only as background sounds while reading Charles burns graphic novel "Black Hole" the merging of the two mediums was perfection and highly reccommended. Follow the link above to a lengthy and scholarly review of the novel.

The final spice added to our sonic palette was courtesy of Telectu and their piece "Kraula Alviazul II". I found this on a Cd of Exploratory music from Portugul. Mixed in with the sounds of Telectu was William S Burroughs and Malcom X. Enjoy!
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Chipmunks in the Circuit Listen Ability Rating: From a circuit bent chipmunk to avant electro jazz and the indigenious sounds of urban improv this podcast is full of surprises. (22:30, 30.2mb)

The first piece that enters our collective ears is from a CD I came across in the Amoeba record store in SF. "Gravikords Whirlies & Pyrophones" is a collection of odd sounds from makers of unusual instruments. It comes with a cool booklet that goes into detail about the instrument makers. Reed Ghazala's "Silence the Tongues of Prophecy" is a part of this collection, he is known as the father of Circuit Bending, if you don't know what that is check out his site for more info. Or have a listen to his piece which features a collection of his hand built instruments.

Following the silence we have a cut off of David Toop's 1996 solo album titled, "Pink Noir". We have a listen to the cool title track. I've played some of the music that he has written about on past shows but this is the first time we get a chance to listen to his own music. Highly reccommended!

Rounding out the shape is the cut "After Marja's Cats" off of the recently released No Neck Blues Band and Embryo collaboration, EmbryoNNCK. Seven tracks and 44 minutes of concentrated musical collaboration, a fierce and uncompromising mesh of artistic visions that will surely be among the year’s best experimental releases.


Direct download: smsd061203.m4a
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Part of Corey - Video Cast Check out the cool sounds of Akron/Family and a bit of video I edited together to meld with the music.

New podcast up soon!
Direct download: smsd061202.m4v
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Palindromic snow falls in L.A. Listen Abiliy Rating: This week we have a gamut of sounds from avant electronic to edgy ambient and a dose of lo-fi freedom thrown in for good measure. (30.9mb, 22:20)

Gordon Mumma sets us off on our way with "Stressed Space Palindromes" which was created in the time frame 1977-82.
"I suggest that the most important creative aspect of live-performance electronic music technology is not this or that circuit innovation, but rather the total configuration itself." - G. Mumma
He worked a lot with live performance but I kinda doubt this piece was one that could be played live.

Blood and Snow off of Susumu Yokota's 2003 Cd The Boy And the Tree fills in the mid section of our three part dis-harmony.
 "The boy of The Boy And The Tree is me, and this is my dream story. There is an island called Yakushima in the south of Japan, which is designated as a world heritage site. It rains a lot there and there are many trees that are two or three thousand years old. It is a very mysterious island." - Susumu Yokota

Ariel Pink and his lo-fi masterpiece from 2003 Worm Copy brings us a glimpse of "Life in LA". The grainy faraway sound of this piece makes it a perfect snapshot of life in the deepest corners of the city of Angels.

Direct download: smsd061117.m4a
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Nobukazu Promises Land to Fa Fua Listen Ability Rating: A taste of Edan's funky rap, Nobukazu's quirky kitsch, and Blumm's childish moments.

From 2005's Beauty and the Beat we listen to a cut itled "Promised Land." With rapid fire rap spilling out apocolyptic futuristic visions Edan gives us a taste of the past to live for.

Cut number two is a challenging listen but I am sure my listeners can handle it. From Nobukazu Takemura we have the piece "Trampoline " off of the Cd Hoshi no Koe, which came out in 2001 on the Thrill Jockey label. Nobukazu is a Japanese musician whose style has run from jazz to house to drum and bass to chamber music to electronic glitch within less than a decade.  In his bio I read that Takemura was also responsible for the sound design of Sony's robotic dog Aibo. Think of little Aibo attempting to communicate his emotions to humans as a reference point for this melodious track!

For our third selection we have a soothing contrast to Takemura with FS Blumm and his piece "Fa", I found this one on a CD entitled Childish Music, a collection of pieces by various artists doing childish things with sound.  Hope you enjoy the latest collection and leave me some feedback if you get a chance. Keep on listening!
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Fiery Bentleys Invade the Moon... Listen Ability Rating: Welcome back friends of the Strange! I have prepared a show of  electro jazz noise, ambient piano ships, and moon children possessed  ---   So if your ears are ready to resume then I will give them a jolt of fun!

So it is in the resuming that we begin again. What is a few months in the grand schematic of the wiring diagram? You were busy as was I and the past days slipped away like so much sound. Yet a bit of reassurance was found in watching the steady stream of downloads of past episodes continue to flow from the Strange Music archives. The momentum continues to fuel the creature but it's time for some fresh food, so feast!

Lets refresh our ears with a taste of The Fiery Furnaces The song is called "Oh Sweet the Woods" off of Bitter Tea. Heres a taste of the lyrics to set the mood...

"I was in Tahoe, on the California side,

waiting in the lobby at 665 1/2 Frontage Road
when two extra-blond short-sleeve button-down
white-shirt blue-tie mystery Mormons
came in and put this music on:"....

So imagine the music they would put on and then twist it around your mind until it spirals back again. Envelopes of dimensional spirit...reflectors of inner eyes...ritualized and fanatacized in glorious harmonies of Excellence.

Sound is ours. When we find our ears heading into a bit of ambient meets rocking sea vessel. Artist/ComposerMagician M. Bentley shares an excerpt from his piece Piano Ship.
I see far off shores and echoes of ports in the sky.
Free falling like dreams in an echoless sphere.
Influencing the random exzubberence
I share with you these elements of reverential Space.

An episode of extremes has reinitiated the SMSD download.

Yes I once again mine the seemingly endless variety of sounds contained in the John Zorn library. Not just another bit of disturbing sonic artifacts, not this time. Here we have something special. A communication of reunion and unity. A prayer to the sky.To the moon children of humanity not living.
Mr. Zorn did get one of those genius grants so we must listen ever so closely for the hidden subtext of magick and ritual in the sound of "Possession" from his recent CD Moonchild.
With the likes of Trevor Dunn, Joey Baron , and Michael Patton's roaring vocalisations.  Zorn more or less set the space for them to sonically carve out a magick ritual to the moonchild.
This piece of course is take out of context, only available for those brave enough to allow the harking harmonies of the entire Cd to enter through participative listening.
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Aphexiated Radio Hum Listen Ability Rating: You are feeling fitter and happier and the crush of improvised hum will suit you just fine. (11.3mb. 9:50)

The first piece we are listening to is a little gem from Radiohead titled, "Fitter, Happier." This cut is off of their gazillion selling OK Computer album. Oddly disturbing use of the often mocked "computer as narrator" technique.

Under the category of ramshackle demix I have constructed a bit of malappropriated sound sourcing from our old buddy Aphex Twin. Calling this piece "Ateg, Achex" it sounds more like a sneeze than a song but I am sure we can all appreciate the sonic complexity that underlies such a sneeze.

During this show i call this band Hornswoggle and Humcrush, but it is in fact Stronen/Storloklen, the album is Humcrush and the song is Hornswoggle. This is a collaboration between the keyboardist from SuperSilent and the drummer from Food. They improvised these sessions in the studio creating a complex interplay of sound. Check it out!

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Altering the electronic field... Listen Ability Rating: Insanity reigns supreme! (24:24, 28mb)

As the summer hiatus into the landscape briefly opens up I have prepared a feast of audio delight for your consumption. We start off with the words of EJ Gold read by the Inkxpotter amidst a cacophony of electronic vibration. The piece is title "Corpuscle."

For an altogether abrubt segue we head into the world of the "Disco Infiltrator" by LCD Soundsystem. I've been wanting to play this track for a while but couldn't find the right spot for it, until now.

Heading into the world of John Zorn once again (a vast and varied landscape indeed) we explore the sounds of "Nerve Key" from Songs from the Hermetic Theatre. One of the very few purely electronic pieces he has composed, this one is worth a careful listen.
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Evolved Idea Listen Ability Rating: Well it's short and it runs the gamut from comedy to cathedrals of light. (11:56, 13.7mb)

For this episode I've thrown in the comedy of Bill Hicks and some squelchy noises by Wolf Eyes. Bill has a few choice words to say about the evolution of ideas. Which also relates to our own ideas about the ever evolving soundscape that we inhabit on a daily basis. We flow thru this into my own beat laden mix titled "Bubbles and the Marim Buh". A strange name for a rather straightforward piece.

From there we go towards the "Cathedral of light", a piece by William Parker off of his recently released CD , Long Hidden: The Olmec Series. He writes in the liner notes that his whole theory of music is contained in this piece. See if you can hear it.
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Voices in your head...? Listen Ability Rating : An extended mix of sound and suicidal rambling.  (22:04, 25.3mb)

Although I usually play a few pieces of carefully chosen music by other artists to accompany what I have been working on this will not be the case for this episode of Strange Music in Small Doses. The extended mix I have prepared uses samples from a radio documentary on suicide, found sounds, and synth textures. All of these unfold in a rather lengthy fashion leaving little room for any other music to fill in the edges.

A few mentions of the Golden Gate Bridge caught my interest when I first heard the documentary a few months ago, I came across it in the archive last night and put this mix together. Enjoy!
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Xploding Wibutee and the Milford Midi Listen Ability Rating: A good introduction to the sounds that my show has to offer. We've got beats, jazzy flavors and, as always, a bit of heavy deconstruction writhing in between. (15:02, 17.3mb)

This episode was inspired by a recent live music event where I saw the Kronos Quartet in San Francisco. They did a variety of modern pieces that included taped, improvised and other elements. Matmos also joined them for thrilling electronic and live sound moments.

Wibutee gets us moving with their own combination of jazz and electronica. This is a cut titled "1-800- Skauen" off of their 2004 release on Jazzland Records Playmachine.

On my usual excursions thru cyberspace I came upon a website for the school district of Milford, Connecticut. There I found a midi file that was created by a student named Tim Wilson for his electronic music class, he titled the piece "Helms Deep." In true Inkxpotter fashion I have mutated it with Ableton Live and turned it into my own homage to the ogres and trolls of Tolkien. Inkxpotter exclusive!

Xploding Plastix is the musical child of Jens Petter Nilsen and Hallvard Hagen. An oeuvre of an ear-opener: Zipping and unzipping the beat, a beat-science out-of the ordinary. Emphasizing the flowing warmth and organity of the rhythms. Triggering flailing, skittering, skipping and spinning breaks, makes this pure nigthvisioning. We listened to "Sports, not heavy crime" off of the 2001 release Amateur girlfriends go proskirt agents.
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Overdub free Cleophone Listen Ability Rating:  Drones, doors, delays and blog blabber. You be the judge. (18.5 mb, 16:05)

For this installment I've done away with the overdubs of my intros, extros and other wordless edits. Let the flow dictate and so it shall! The Cleophone gets us started. Strange Music in Small Doses listener Dave sent me a recording of his latest instrument creation. Super cool sounds on a one of a kind instrument. The official Cd comes out very soon, but you can hear it here first! Inkxpotter exclusive.

Dave will have to forgive me for taking some of his sounds to my own extremes just a bit of sampled blog blabber asked to be swirled into the mix. And then from left field a Door opened and Jim decided we must begin to Take it as it comes,  you know what I mean.

Jin Hi Kim has her own take on the sounds of ancient misty hilled Korea. Can we hear the similairities in the Cleophone and her Komungo ( Korean fourth century fretted board zither)? Ask your ears this compelling question as soon as possible
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Hierarchy of the Barbed Ones Listen Ability Rating: Challenging and yet somehow strangely soothing. (20:28. 23.7 mb)

Rolling the show to the go is Sketch Show off of their 2003 CD Loophole, we enjoyed the piece "Chronograph." "Sketch show is a  project that has risen from the ashes of the legendary Yellow Magic Orchestra (Haruomi Hososno and Yukihiro Takahashi). "Loophole" evolves through its delicate popping microscopic clicks and pop structures into what sounds like a singer songwriter fairytale album fed through a laptop and spat out covered in velvet and loose wires." - Boomkat

Linking the edges is the Inkxpotter and JS Bach collaborative piece structured thru time and space and fed synthesizers and a real live acoustic piano. Inkxpotter Exclusive!

Closing the door but opening our minds to the pure sonic potential of undiluted sound is none other than the genius of Borbetomagus. We listened to an excerpt from Barbed Wire Maggots. Now if the name doesn't alert you then I will because the musics beauty will topple your head, you just need to remember that it will all end at some point.

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Lounging with Animals Listen Ability Rating: Rather melodic if I do say so, from avant jazz to oddball rock/pop you will dig this mix. (17:02, 19.6mb)

The Lounge Lizards are the ignition for this weeks machine. With "The Magic of Palermo" off of 1987's No Pain for Cakes. The Lounge Lizards emerged from the New York post punk scene of the early 80's. "Initially a tongue in cheek "fake jazz" combo, drawing on punk rock and no wave as much as jazz, The Lounge Lizards have since become respected for their creative and distinctive sound."

For this weeks Inkxpotter mix I created a piece titled "Wacked out interlude," that pretty much sums up this piece. A random segue of warped beats and scritchy scratchy sounds. Inkxpotter exclusive!

Animal Collective closes out this week's trio with "The Purple Bottle" from last years Feels. Here's what the folks at Pitchfork media had to say about this record,  "With each new album it becomes clearer that Animal Collective will not stay still. You can see them on tour and get a preview of the album to come in their live show, but aside from that, it's difficult to tell which direction their music will go next." You can follow the link for the full review.

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Radioactive I Ching Foil Listen Ability Rating: Spin together a radioactive fallout shelter, a trip down the ghost river, and some fun with foil and you'll decipher the sounds in this show. (15:19, 17.6mb)

Getting off to the usual odd start we find ourselves in the Negativland. Inhabited by artifacts from all over the planet we segue from a rather suspect "Announcement" into "Yellow Black and Rectangular." These cuts are off of the Escape from Noise disc originally released in 1987. Their website is packed with oddities and worth a drive thru.

"Ghost River" is the name of the river we must cross to find the bright omen on the other side, or so says Stephen Karcher author of "Total I Ching." His words were pirated from a radio interview and give us a brief glimpse into the complex probablities of the Book of Changes. Also included in this mix are synth sounds courtesy of Touching Centauri, a listener to the show who offered up his own work for the Inkxpotter to do with as he wants. And so I have! Inkxpotter exclusive!

"Priznak Aluminum" (Holiday Suite for Foil) by artist Violet is our next selection. Jeff Surak (aka Violet) is a veteran experimenter from Washington, DC. He began recording under the moniker -1348- in the early 1980s and participated in the hometaper underground. This edited cut is off of "The Sun is Shining & the Flowers are Blooming on Violet Street 3" on Scarcelight .

We close the show with "Washing Machine A" by John Zorn from Filmworks Vol. 3. A tasty collection of screeching saxes and avant jazz noise! Enjoy.

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Rappalicious Computations Objectified! Listenability Rating: Well you need to be comfortable with the mother effer word in this mix of rap, avant noise, folkatronica and general weirdness. (16:42, 19.1 mb)

On this version of Strange Music in Small Doses I've felt like talking even less in order to facilitate the flow of audio energy into your waiting earbuds. That being said I'll try to summarize what you are hearing but sometimes multiple pieces are playing at the same time.

With John Zorn's "Objects" from the Filmworks 2 disc entering your sound space first I've added a generous dose of Delay just to spice up the stabs of sound. From there we flow into a piece off of Missy Elliots " addictive " disc. Here we got Busta rhymes doing a bad ass intro for the master of rap herself. From there we jump into a bit more "Objects" and segue ungracefully right back into another cut from the " addictive" disc, "Whatcha gonna do?" The rap music may seem a bit of a departure from the usual oddities I play but patience is golden my friends, patience is golden.

Bruce Haack brings us straight back to the strange with "Abbacadabra" from his "Listen, Compute, Rock Home" disc. Then a brief segue into "Aux Creux Des Vages, Mon Visage" by aMute. For the finale of this sixteen minute mix I've put together a bit of my own folkatronica and entitled this weeks Inkxpotter contribution as "Huiyar."
Enjoy the mix!

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Electric Fushitsusha Ragtime Listen Ability Rating: One part beef heart, a dash of rag, two pounds nerve snapping Japan psych - rock. Mix thoroughly! (17:36, 20.9mb)

Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band give us a jolt of "Electricity" from his 1967 debut album Safe as Milk.  BBC DJ John Peel once stated, "If there has ever been such a thing as a  genius in the history of popular music, it's Beefheart ... I heard echoes of his music in some of the records I listened to last week and I'll hear more echoes in records that I listen to this week."

Up to my old tricks I've come up with a piece titled "Carousel to Hell." I've turned on the Inkxpotter deconstruction machine and this week it was fed a Scott Joplin midi file titled, "Original Rag." After a few days of working on this I found I had conjured flying dinosaurs and other airborne creatures doing wide circles in the sky in my dream time. If you listen to it the same may happen for you. Inkxpotter exclusive!

The title of our last selection by Fushitsusha was what initially sucked me in, "Don't Be Afraid. Even If Your Nerves Snap, You Can Tie Them To A Fragment Of The Universe..." Who could walk away from a title like that? "The sounds this music contained seemed to suggest nothing so much as the primeaval mythic soul-soup from which all music originated." Listener you have been warned!
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Mixmaster Bach vs. Laibach Listen Ability Rating: Some heavy sampling, heavy beats, and basterdized Bach!

Mixmaster Mike opens up the show with "A Can of Ass Kicks". I pulled this one off of a Wire compilation CD, can't say if it's available elsewhere but it's definitely a kick. One of the premier scratch artists of the day, Mixmaster Mike got his initial itch for vinyl while growing up in San Francisco listening to his uncle's extensive record collection.

Since there is a bit of a Bach theme going on here (don't ask me how the Mixmaster fits in) the Inkxpotter mix this week offers up a rendition of the Lute Prelude in D minor by JS Bach . Along with some scientific facts thrown in for good measure, oddness is let loose once again. Inkxpotter Exclusive!

Laibach brings this Bach frenzy to a close with W.A.T. or "We Are time". "On WAT Laibach accelerate once more dragging audiences into their own temporal zone, conjuring up the normally hidden forces supporting the regimes that govern our reality. Nothing and no one is spared interrogation by Laibach and the effects of its interventions are irreversible. WAT interrogates both Laibach's own history and the desires and projections of its audiences." Fun stuff!
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Off on another Blues binge... Listen Ability Rating: As the title suggests the "blues" dominate this episode. Not your standard 12 bar variety though, tonight we've got Tuvan throat singers and primal improv rounding out this collection of sounds.

With the blues at the forefront we start off this podcast with a cut from the Genghis Blues soundtrack. This excellent movie chronicles the journey of blind blues musician Paul Pena and his journey to Tuva in the mid nineties. He first heard the sound of Tuvan throat singers ten years earlier on a short wave broadcast and amazingly taught humself how to sing in this way and also how to speak some of the Tuvan language. We listened to a duet with Kongar ol-Ondar titled "Sunexin Yry (Soul's Song)."

In searching for a way to incorporate the blues I have taken my own unique Inkxpotter path. Of course it didn't start out so obvious but after a few unsuccessful attempts at using samples of blues artists I decided to take another route entirely. So for this weeks Inkxpotter mix we have a scientist talking about "Blue Moons", it's got blue in it so I figured that was close enough. Along with some samples recorded at the piano we have this weeks Inkxpotter mix. "Blue Moon." An Inkxpotter exclusive!

Going even farther out in the realm of what is the blues we listened to "The Natural Bridge," by the No-Neck Blues Band. (This is an odd link but somehow I think it is related to the band, see for yourself.) The No-Neck Blues Band are.a loose collective of New York and Boston improvisers that was first assembled in 1992 by, among others, multi-instrumentalist Keith Connelly and percussionist Dave Nuss. Their recordings are mainly devoted to long chaotic instrumental jams. Their basic method is the free-form psychedelic freak-out, enhanced with ritual percussive passages and spastic discordance. My kind of band!
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Bob from South Dakota and so much more! Listen Ability Rating: I've been up to a bit of remixing lately as this podcast will show. Nice sounds, aggressive sounds, strange sounds, and Bob sounds.

Beginning the show I've mixed together John Zorn, French electronica group aMute and Bob Dylan from way deep in a reverb canyon. This flows for a while until the Art Bears snap us out of it with "Democracy" from The World as it is Today..

For the weekly Inkxpotter Mix (the real mix!) I've taken the words of a fellow Podcaster from South Dakota named Bob. His site is called The Podcast Reviewer. He did a review of Strange Music in Small Doses last week and I wasted no time in cutting and pasting his words into a tasty morsel entitled "Bob, from South Dakota." Have a listen and hear what he has to say about your favorite podcast :) Inkxpotter exclusive!

Lastly we listen to Soul Coughing from Ruby Vroom and the cut was "Supra Genius". This cut from the !995 Cd is a winner. Soul Coughing  was a New york-based band whose music blended elements of hip-hop, jazz, and rock. Their style of music was described by members of the band as "deep slacker jazz."
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From Auld Lang Syne to Auld Lang Insane! Listenability Rating: Well, if you are dreading the annual singing of Auld Lang Syne on New Years eve, then you might like this more creative take on the Scottish favorite from "times gone by."

John Fahey begins tonites collection of 30 plus versions of the classic tune, Auld Lang Syne. This version features Fahey's inventive guitar playing, creative harmonizing, and singular tone. His guitar truly rings and sings in the coming year.

The Inkxpotter mix reveals and reconfigures my own online pillaging in search of as many interesting versions of our chosen tune.I've taken 25 or so takes on the  classic and left some clean, others overlapped in beautiful dissonances, and others  still shifting in and out of different sonic chambers.  Many of the links between the pieces are coincidental and much was left to chance in this mix. Inkxpotter Exclusive!

Continuing with the guitar theme we have Jimi Hendrix doing a little Auld, Live at the Fillmore East. Many years ago on a late night New Years eve music show I heard this version and remembered it to this day. I recently picked it up on Itunes and it really sounds as great as it did back then.

At this point in the podcast you have heard so many variations on Auld Lang Syne that you know the melody backwards and forwards. But do you know it sideways? We let the free improv jazz of the Ivo Perelman Trio take us on a very extended tour inside and outside of this fascinating melody. Enjoy!
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An all  Mr. Grinch show! Listenability Rating: If you like Mr.Grinch, Dr.Seuss, and some odd versions of a Christmas classic then you'll like this show.

It's Christmas time and so I too fall victim to the cheer, or do I? This week we've got a show full of the Grinch and his nasty vibe. We get it started tonite with Busta Rhymes and Jim Carey doing "Grinch 2000" . Obviously part of the soundtrack to the Grinch film. Put your red hip hop stocking caps on and get down with this!.

I've put together my own ttribute to the king of stingy, Mr.Grinchy. If you follow the link you can have a look at the twisted lyrics I recite on this weeks show. With tweaked out and electrified synths I pay homage to the mighty one in green. Taking the melody to noisy heights I strove to scale the snowy cliffs above Whoville and enter the Grinch's lair. Inkxpotter exclusive!

Rounding out the show we have Fareed Haque doing his take on our tune of the day. His jazzy guitar adds a decidedly funky twist to the sound of the Grinch. Happy New Year fortunate listeners and may the sound of strange music greet you at every turn!

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Groovy man, groovy! Listenability Rating: The groove rules in this episodic journey. From out there jazz to an R and B interlude and then back again. I think you'll like this more mellow collection, but beware of the black hole in the center of the podcast. It just may suck you in.

Fontanelle sets the pace and the tone for this episode of Strange Music in Small Doses. From their 2002 self titled relase we listened to a slightly shortened version of "Picture Start", The instrumental jazzy sounds bounce us around, ease us forward, cradle us in controlled chaos.

Inkxpotter mixes us up a selection from the words of the self proclaimed "Hip Hop Violinist" Miri Ben Ari. She was being interviewed by a local radio guy and had some cool words to pass on about playing music and living the musical life. Talking about communicating with music and other intangibles we somehow find tangible. In the middle of my mix I found it necessary to include a sample about the governments  program for having us inform on one another. The juxtaposition came forth and I gave it life, not able to explain that one. Have a listen and be enlightened and be scared at the same time, now that's what I call fun!  Inkxpotter exclusive!

Do Make Say Think gave us the closer for tonights show. We listened to Dr. Hooch (another edit for time considerations, you know how those extended jam sessions go). The groove once again coming forth and carrying us forward. Melocic lines change and repeat over the thump of the bass, the echo of the analogue synths and other tasty sounds. Dig it!
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SPIN .....this :) Listenability Rating::
These sounds are a bit more approachable for the new listener of this podcast. Here we have some psychedlic rhythms, some chopped up amazon myths, and a singular voice singing from the heart playing a pretty guitar.

Ghost gets us rolling once again on this weekly adventure to the avant extreme We listened to Aramaic Barbarous Dawn from Hypnotic Daydream. The ghost link takes you to a cool music review site ( that was mentioned with Strange Music in Small Doses in the December 05 issue of SPIN magazine. Getting some props peeps, a little PR never hurt nobody. If you  do follow the ghost link you will be treated with more than a music review, it's more of a poetic rendering of the psychedlic vision that lies behind the eyes of Ghost. Beware!

Taking inspiration from reality, or more precisely Reality TV. Survivor was my splice and dice victim this week. It seems the sruggle to survive is now in the depths of an Amazonion jungle. Before one of the contests a story was told. A mythic story from a tribe in the Amazon. The words, even though delivered in rapid fashion, devoid of inflection, still resonated with the sound of the jungle. Just the sound of the words stood out as more real than anything else that has ever happened in that reality..  Inkxpotter exclusive!

Devendra Banhart brings us home. His words, his guitar, hhis voice. Off his second CD "Nino Rojo" we listened to Ay Mama. His first "Rejoicing in the Hands" and the Cd we listened to were recorded together in the same sessions. "Devendra had SO MANY songs, and of such consistently high caliber, that it was impossible to edit down the material to a single album. " - Michael Gira.
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From Akron to Laptopland... and somewhere in between. Getting this episode started we have the Akron/Family and their multi-genre piece Moment.This is from their latest CD on Young God Records. The Cd is split between them and the Angels of Light. Two great artists, one great CD. Michael Gira (aka Angels of Light) writes. "A week after an extended US Tour and a few shows in Europe Akron/Family and I went into the studio and recorded this album straightaway. Akron/Family is my favorite "Rock Band" in the universe (or "rock-related band" - something like that!)"

Running into another Morpho Genex piece we have a cut I recently finished for Morpho Genex 2. Plans for an early release in 2006  makes this the only place you can here these particular sounds. A mix of vocalised noises from our friend the "insane Inkxpotter". Slightly crazy, slightly off, slightly out there.

Closing out the collision we have "Karaoke night in Laptopland" by Autodigest. This was off of the Exploratory Music from Portugal CD that came free with a Wire magazine in 2002. A change of pace from the density of the other pieces, here we have a balance of noise and silence. In lieu of actually finding a link to Autodigest I did come up with some info on another CD they made that consists entirely of  50 minutes of non stop clapping, taken from numerous sources. Sounds like strange music to me.

Direct download: smsd051204.mp3
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So it's been a while...let's get strange! Yes, I am aware how long its been since I put one of these podcasts on the air. But there is so much music to create and splice and dice, mix and remix. You know how it goes. First up on this show is a piece off of John Oswalds 2 Disc 69Plunderphonics96 Box set. "Don't" is the name of the piece and we are treated to a sublime mix of Elvis, copious overdubs and a Spector like wall of sound. Oswald was and is ahead of the curve when it comes to the plundering of sound. The set also comes with a 60 page booklet that describes the elements present and motivations behind each piece. Fascinating stuff.

Following that fun time with sounds we have a character currently in development? Morpho Genex is the name of the Cd and it features the sound of Inkxpotter himself on vocalisation. Or as some may call him "Insane Inkxpotter". Recorded a few years back but recently mixed by Kyron we have the piece "Slalom". I am currently working on pieces for the next Morpho Genex CD which will feature pieces mixed by Kyron and I. Buy this one!

Closing out the set we've got Alan Sondheim and Ritual All 770 off of the debut recording done in 1967. I spied this one at the Amoeba records in San Francisco and decided to give it a shot. It definitely qualifies as strange music and worth a few listens. It was recently considered a rarity until Fire Museum Records  in SF re-released it.
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Before there was Inkxpotter. There was Vergot.
Read the history of VERGOT!
Category:imagery and word -- posted at: 8:54pm PDT

Warping the old into the future Listenability Rating: Moderately advanced - if you can get past the abrasive violins, the random assemblage there awaits a funky orchestra at the end.

In a modern classical mood we have The Kronos Quartet playing the first movement from composer George Crumb's "Black Angels," a vivdly descriptiive work inspired by the Vietnam war. Composed in 1970 it pushes the limits of the staunchy string quartet, and does it with a bit of humor too.  Crumb describes this work as "a kind of parable on our troubled contemporary world."

Sometimes the links between these pieces only become apparent to me as I am forced to verbalize a descriptive rational behind my motives. So what I see is this fusing of the old, recognizable sounds of the orchestra and the string quartet and the more extended, modern, electric, out there sounds of the now. Since this filters thru me I find myself, Inkxpotter, mixing together both in my own piece, "Visual Clues." There is the ever present neutral flavors of noise along with the classical guitar, the synth squeeks and blips alongside my own nylon string imaginings.

The sounds of Jimi Tenor bring us the " Night in Loimaa" from his 2000 release "Out of nowhere". For this album he's joins with the Orchestra of the Great Theatre of Lodz in Poland. The result is an orchestra with a distinctive soulful groove. Tenor says his greatest talent is faking, making people believe he has a talent even if he doesn't. Well, whatever he says, he makes great music, cleverly combining elements from jazz, funk, soul and techno into an enjoyable experience.
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A bit of Japanese Strange
Listenability Rating:  Intoxicating: One may find that the crackles and pops on this podcast go much farther than Rice Krispies ever intended.

This weeks show starts off with Akinori and his piece, "Red Field." I like the piece but wasn't able to locate a link to the artist. Maybe someone, somewhere can locate a link to Akinori. I found a few things but they didn't seem right.

In the ongoing series of collages I've mixed together with material I've recorded with my Ipod this weeks selection is titled "Somber Slumber.'" The recording quality is sub standard but I like the flexibility I get with the Ipod and the Ilisten attatchment, the two minute intervals when the hard drive starts spinning gets recorded so accurately. Anyway the sounds get sequenced through Sonar and out comes another something or other.

Ryuchi Sakamoto closes out our slightly Japanese foray into the strange. He has experimented with many different musical styles throughout his career and has made a name for himself in popular, classical and, film music. We listened to a few short pieces from his soundtrack to "Love is the Devil."
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Cycles of spinning spirits a spiral light comes forth from the cosmos...
Category:imagery and word -- posted at: 7:29pm PDT

Pita, Inkxpotter, Marclay
Listenability Rating:  Challenging (this cast contains noise, samples, and other annoying things)

On a bit of a noisy note I figured I would start rating these shows for those who happen to stumble across my site and take a listen to what we do here. For the regular listeners it's not necessary because they have come to know what to expect. Yet it probably means I need to go and add ratings to all past shows, maybe some other time...

The first piece we listened to is by Pita off of the Get Off cd, we heard "Resog 45". "This is his (Peter Rehberg's) fourth solo album, and in addition to solo work he has collaborated with everyone from Fennesz  to choreographers Gisele Vienne and Chris Haring. Compared to his previous efforts, Get Off may very well also be the most varied work to date from Pita. Ranging from minimal and sparse to dense and attacking, the effort is everything from ambient to noise, and sometimes a little bit of both." - almost cool music reviews

For my contribution I recorded six five minute sections on my ipod with one of those plug in mics (yes the sound quality suffers but you know I am not one to care about that.) and then mixed them together into a little collage titled "staring straight."  I think I might do a few more of these and try to keep things more minimal, most times I start out trying to do that but end up falling into the density of overlapping sound sources and succombing to their spells. Maybe next time...?

Christian Marclay closes out the show with his piece Jukebox Capriccio, it's off of my Haunted Weather compilation CD but can probably also be found elsewhere. Performer, sculptor, and sound artist Christian Marclay has been experimenting, composing and performing with phonograph records and turntables since 1979. As a musician, he was one of the first to use records and turntables as a medium for performance and improvisation. Mixing a wide variety of LPs on multiple turntables, fragmenting and repeating sounds, altering speeds, playing records backwards, spinning, throwing, scratching, and otherwise manipulating records to create his unique "theater of found sound,"
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Isotope 217, Inkxpotter, Flanger On an avant jazz theme we begin our show with Isotope 217 from Utonian Automatic we listened to "New Beyond." Isotope 217 on Isotope 217 "It is hard to state exactly what this band is because of the diverse influences of the participants. One might say an eclectic avant funk ensemble dedicated to the Phonometric * system of universal thought. One might also say a freewheeling trans-moleculer unit dedicated to the> betterment of all worlds.*phonometrics are, as described by Satie, the Science of measuring sound.

Inside the space between we find Inkxpotter hastily scrambling to get back on a regular track of sound designing. Hear we have a snippet from Duke Ellingtons "Ko Ko" making an appearance and reappearance amidst a noisy drone and other found sounds. My own little contribution to the avant jazz direction this weeks show has opened up for us.

Following the Inkxpotter mix we have Flanger off of their Cd /Inner Space and the cut "Le Dernier Combat." Atom Heart and Burnt Friedman, two Germans working together under the name Flanger, make a convincing argument for cut-and-paste jazz. The natural sound of musicians playing colliding with the liberal use of electronics makes this a group worth taking the time to get to know.
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Inkxpotter, Colleen, Master Musicians of Bukkake Inkxpotter is back from his recent bout with Podcast Fade. I was wondering myself why I had not put up a show in such a while, why I felt a bit stuck . Then listener Prent left me a recent comment describing my current malady. Sometimes knowing and naming is enough. My personal contribution this week has been gathering dust for a few weeks and is a bit of a diversion from other sound collages, but every once in a while you just need some rhythm.

The middle part of this trio is "Nice and Simple" from Colleens recent Cd - Everyone Alive Wants Answers. Lots of loops and organic sounds swirl around each other, offering up new perspectives on each listening. She hails from Paris and it is refreshing to hear something distinctively feminine in the often overloaded "male with laptop and two day stuble" genre. .

We finish up the set with The Master Musicians of Bukkake. From their CD  - The Visible Sign of the Invisible Order, we listened to "Hidden from the Hidden ones". It's all very mysterious but it does set quite a mood in place...."Siphoned from flying graveyards and fed through giant funnels of navigatory spirits to the haunted outskirts of behavior and all of its rickety platforms, an intuitive, much weirder America is on the rise."
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Thorbjornsson, Inkxpotter, Prospero

Tonite we begin our journeys with Par Thorbjornsson off of his Genophonics CD with the piece "Wind Translation." On his site he explains his process in creating this music based on the genetic sequences in our DNA, "During millions of years our DNA has evolved into what we are today. Every little random mutation has gone through the trial of evolution, to be banished or be brought on to the next generation. I've used the information contained in our genes to create music. " Making audible the code behind this reality we see before ourselves runs thru this piece and also the piece we close our show with, in the middle we have Inkxpotter off on a tangent.

Speaking of myself once again in the third person, oh well, multiple personalities are sort of fun, especially when you ask them to make music and they comply. This week we have a mix titled "One way". You may hear the clip "..unfortunately these dreamy psychedlic trips often end up one way..." and ask yourselves which way is that? Which one way are you headed?

Okay, back to more serious and thoughtful ways of constucting music. Piece number 3 is Prospero off of his Fibonacci CD, with the quaintly titled "Track 5", I do wish he would give these pieces names, they deserve it. Maybe Prospero and his other alter egos that reside at Black Note Music are too busy creating compelling music to have the time to give them names, but there are just so many nameless offspring. About the music he writes, " The fibonacci numbers are a self creating recursive pattern. This mysterious sequence of numbers has been connected to many natural phenomena, ancient constructions, and esoteric systems. The music you hear on this CD is based on various translations and isomorphisms of the Fibonacci numbers." Heady stuff but it sounds cool.

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Cul De Sac, Inkxpotter, Junkboy

On a bit of a hiatus I am now to be considered back. Tonights program rolls on with the sounds of Cul de sac.  "A Boston-based group of critically acclaimed practitioners of unusual instrumental music who draw inspiration from the incantatory rhythms of Indian ragas, the complexities of avant-garde folk finger-picking, the cerebral excesses of '70s prog, the bouncy reverb of surf rock, and the energy of experimental music."- epitonic. Sounds like fun to me! I chose their song Nicos Dream because of those haunting samples of the real Nico inhabiting her dream song.

The self-referential Inkxpotter impulse comes forth once again in the remix "Attack of the podcasters" . For this piece I stumbled onto a local radio program (KPFA Berkeley, CA, USA ) while driving to work and heard a segment on podcasting. Ripe with unusual comments from listeners " I hacked your URL at KPFA and now can download your radio shows to my Ipod!" , to other yammerings about the fact that "podcasting is not bound by frequency" a "worldwide audience awaits our content". This I can attest to with listeners from Scotland, Cape Town, Austin and Brazil, all rolling with the Strange Music in Small Doses. The mix behind these pieces came from an alien soundtrack to the video game Kill all Humans, but the Inkxpotter touched removed most traces but some aliens still remain.

The three cut collapse come to a conclusion with the sounds of Junkboy and his piece Shadow and Act. This is off of the latest Wire tapper collection that comes to subscribers of the Wire magazine. A great resource for strange music.

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Boards of Canada, Inkxpotter, Thighpaulsandra

We get the ball rolling with a cut from Boards of Canada. The sound of "Pete Standing Alone", from Music has the Right to Children. I got a suggestion a few weeks back from listener deGen that Boards of Canada would fit nicely into the Strange Music format and I do agree.

Our next selection is from the ever popular host of these musical forays. This week I diced up a pseudo documentary on how the Zulu warriors destroyed a better equipped British Army (only to be later destroyed by more of this same British army). Though when you hear this mix none of that stuff really comes through. The only interesting voice in the show was an African guy talking about ritual and fusing together as one. Let me know what you think. Oh yeah and thanks to Calexico for adding twangy guitar sounds in the middle of the mix!

Our third selection comes courtesy of Thighpaulsandra. The piece is titled "Heaven lies about us in our infancy" and its from the Brain in the Wire compilation CD that came with one of my issues of The Wire. As you might have guessed I find alot of my music through this wonderful magazine and also from their "free" "Wire Tapper" compilation Cds that showcase new sounds. A mag worth every cent you pay for it.

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Tortoise, Inkxpotter, Deerhoof

Tonites triad begins with the sounds of Tortoise off of the 2001 album Standards and the cut "Seneca." The members of Tortoise have roots in Chicago's fertile music scene, playing in various indie rock and punk rock groups. Their music blends many styles and influences into a very unique sound.

The Inkxpotter mix gets it going with an interview featuring Les Paul telling the story of how he unlocked the riddle of the delay. Along with pioneering multi-track recording and inventing the solid body electric guitar he also found time to be one of the most popular guitar players in the world.. Inkkxpotters pays homage to the master by chopping up the interview on the delay invention (with delay, of course), layering some acoustic and electric guitar noises using the multitrack technology and leaving it up to you to interpret as you wish.  All hail to the master.

The final piece comes from San Francisco based group Deerhoof with the title cut off of their latest CD Milk Man. Last week I was fortunate enough to see them play live and they were great. They opened a show for Electrelane and in my humble opinion 'blew them off the stage." Their unique blend of nelody and noise and superb musicianship really came through in the live xhow. Don't miss them if they find their way to your neck of the woods.

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Prefuse 73, Inkxpotter, Mouse on Mars

Forgetting the obvious we enter the world of Prefuse 73 and his battle with Pedro. This cut, "Gratis", is off of a Cd that gave an overview of the ten day Domino Music Festival in Europe. Prefuse 73's latest album is "Vocal Studies + Uprock Narratives" and is out on Warp records. He has his hand in many projects but he claims that the Prefuse 73 work is more a "kick in the head" than the others. I agree.

Bridging the gap between these two cuts is a brief detour into the world of baseball. Taking a few choice sounds from a game Inkxpotter layers and collages these into the excitement of almost being there. The sound of the ball hitting the bat. The crowd cheering. The announcers showing extreme amounts of excitement for small things. Priceless.

Mouse on Mars rounds out the trio with the piece Distroia from Niun Ninggung. Their fourth album shows off their evolution toward Mars and beyond. Percolating beats ascend to the surface only to pop like soap bubbles, while tacked-together melodies are as likely to disintegrate midsong as they are to wobble to the conclusion

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Four Tet, Inkxpotter, Nagl

Tonights three act episode begins with a cut from Four Tet off of the Pause CD, "No More Mosquitoes". A sentiment I am sure we all can agree on. "Four Tet's combination of acoustic and electronic elements sounds fresh and unique, particularly at a time when so much electronic music is conceived and produced without ever leaving the digital realm. With its extensive use of field recordings and acoustic samples, Four Tet's music sounds truly organic and alive. " (Epitonic)

Act two was cultivated from the seeds of this years national spelling bee (cutting up the voices of the young spellers was more tedious than I had imagined), a cool docu on Patty Hearst (those audio messages sent to her parents and broadcast to the world when she was kidnapped are sure to reappear in future pieces), and a card drawn from the Oblique Strategies deck that read - "Children - speaking - singing". Take a listen and see what Inkxpotter has come up with in the new mix titled "Fustian."

For the final act we meet up with Max Nagl. An Austrian saxophonist whose inspiration for his 2001 cd The Evil Garden was cult American writer and illustrator Edward Gorey who in 2000.  Gorey's delicate and detailed black ink drawings inhabit a sinister world of amoebic monsters, elderly Victorians and deformed babies depicted with razor sharp wit and delicious dark humour. We listened to the piece "The Disrespectful Summons."


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Artifact of the DJ Culture UBUWEB The extensive Mp3 archive is a mixers paradise. Imagine cutting up the words, phrases and thoughts of former heroes of avant thought! Claiming over a terabyte of Film, sound, and image. You know who will be splicing and dicing away. Trolling through the site I wasn't able to clarify the what of the project but it went on for ten years and created an amazing catalog of clickable gems. Alas a recent check of UBU reveals that they are off the web until fall. But soon will have a permanent home where I can cut up whenever I want to!
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Autechre, Inkxpotter, Tsunoda

This weeks trio of audio artifacts gets a shot in the arm from David Toop via his recent book Haunted Weather - Music, Silence and Memory (and the CD he compiled to supplement the book). His book covers a wide range of current music, but it also delves deeper into the implications of technology on modern music and other more philosophical ideas. Well worth a read, and a listen.

Autechre starts off tonites excursion with Parhelic Triangle from the 2001 album "Confeild". The rhythmic pattern that guides us thru this piece slowly evolves (or devolves) and revolves around itself until it is barely recognizable, until it's memory is all that we have to hold on to. The title may be a pun on "parhelic circle", a luminous circle or halo parallel to the horizon at the altitude of the sun. Who can say for sure.

This weeks Inkxpotter mix reclaims "Language" warping the sounds of James Joyce reading Ulysses (circa 1929), John Cage reading from Finnegans Wake (circa 1960's) and Terence McKenna (circa 1990's) reminding us that the world is made of words. How these disjointed times are unified into a cohesive sound sculpture can only be experienced by listening multiple times with full attention.

Toshiya Tsunoda closes off this weeks installment with Bottle at Park. from the album "The Air Vibration Inside a Hollow". The sound work of Toshiya Tsunoda represents a radical rethinking of the concept of field recordings. As he explains his method: "To render the vibration of objects audible, a piezo-ceramic sensor with a weak current is used to generate pressure. The vibration transmitted inside a solid is then changed into voltage, which can be recorded". The words that stand out to me are "render the vibration of objects audible", keep this fragment in mind as this weeks show flows into your brain.

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John Zorn, Bill Hicks (inkxpotter mix), Deadbeat

We begin tonites three cut collision with John Zorn and Naked City playing "Punk China Doll." Zorn explains,  " My musical world is like a little prism. You look through it and it goes off in a million different directions. Since every genre is the same, all musicians should be equally respected. It doesn't matter if it's jazz, blues or classical. They're all the same." Naked City is but one of Zorns numerous musical endevours. The link above is a great resource for entering the world of this musical genius. 


In the following piece we are brought thru a piece of recycled history and current quagmire via the Iraq wars (v1 and v2). I've assembled a mass of noise and other musical elements on top of a piece by comedien Bill Hicks on the first Iraq war. Hicks died in 1994 but his commentary rings eerily true today. Did we really do this war once before?


Closing out the day on a quiet and rather rhythmic note we have " Organ in the attic sings the blues," by Deadbeat. This glitchy rumbling dub seemed the only way to ease out of this evenings festivities.

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Mount Sine Wave "Any barrier between music and noise has seemed artificial to me. Many of my compositions explore the inherent beauty of non musical sounds and are inspired by such diverse sources as machines, destroyed pianos, warped 78 records, and detuned radios." Annie Gosfield

Heres a taste of the sounds.

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Sigur Ros, Inkxpotter, Aesop Rock

In the foreground we have a piece by Sigur Ros from their 1999 album Agaetis Byrjun, the cut is called Avalon. I liked the sound of it and thought it fit well with the other pieces. Their website is worth traveling to for the numerous free music downloads. Gives you a sampling of their style and also includes unreleased and live cuts

In the middle ground Inkxpotter is still feeling the pull from the depth of possibilities that sprung to mind from the Salem witch trials and the documentary on the same. He grabbed some snipets and juicy samples and squished a few electric guitars into unrecognizable mush in order to free some lost souls from the endless persecution of backwards people. Or so he tells me. We shall call this remix "Still waiting."

In the background we round out this collection of oddities with the sounds of Aesop Rock and the title cut from his latest work Fast Cars, Danger, Fire and Knives. This Cd also includes  an 88-page book with lyrics from every Aesop Rock song from his first release, Float, to this new EP. So if you missed any of the amazing wordplay that Aesop rock laid down you know where to go.

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RFCL, Inkxpotter, Sunburned Hand of the Man

Tonites program looks at the group mind as reflected in three differrent pieces of audio artifact. The thrilling unity, the hellish hypocrisy, all inside the one mind. Clocking in at under 29 Minutes we begin with RFCL - Radio Free Clear Light and their forays into the Black Valley. A place I have journeyed with them a fortunate few times.

Inkxpotter provides the mix for the second piece with a montage of sound samples from a documentary he saw this week on the Salem Witch trials. The subtext of the documentary is to make a tenuous connection between the bewitchment of the Salem locals and food poisoning.  Not ordinary food poisoning but ergot poisoning , and LSD is a component of ergot. Therefore we make the shaaky conclusion that the locals were having bad acid trips and the local outcasts must be behind it. Off with their heads, burn them at the stake!

The third piece is by Sunburned Hand of the Man - Gyp Hawkin off of Rare Wood. They are an improv collaborative process emerging in strangely unified pieces they create in the moment. The bottomline of Dave Alexander's bass rolls us into a tonal centre where the rest of the group can circle in orbits of whacked out activity. "The music feels like nothing you would feel comfortable trying to nail down in such literal, lunkhead fashion, but still imparts a sense of being simultaneously transcendent and elemental, loose limbed and precision tooled" (Wire 6/2004)

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text word
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With some avant hip hop, some guitar work by yours truly, and a bit of dust sucking we begin and end somewhere in your ears. Take the journey now.

CloudDead -- Son of a Gun from Ten
IRIS -- Islands from Iris
Bark Psychosis -- The Black Meat from Codename: dust sucker

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Outer atmospheres expand and a crakling fire implode, let the dictaphone jam begin.

Ascoltare  -- Crucible Process from The Wire Tapper 12
Maja Ratkje -- Dictaphone Jam from Voice
Alvin Lucier -- "Sferics" is the shortened term for "atmospherics," natural radio frequency emissions in the ionosphere, caused by electromagnetic energy radiated from nearby or distant lightning

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Clocking in at under 12 minutes we take a trip with a Buffalo Demon shaking a pair of Black Dice in the middle of a Civil War. Take the journey now.

Alog -- Buffalo Demon from Miniatures
Black Dice-- Island from Creature Comforts
Matmos -- Pelt and Holler from The Civil War

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Signaling an end to the rain we bring in three Sun songs. Let those guitars ring out, let the sun instument play. >take the journey now

John Fahey -
What the Sun Said from The Dance Of Death & Other Plantation Favorites
John Cale - Summer Heat from Sun Blindness Music
Sunn O))) - HELL-O)))-WEEN from White Heat 2


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From multi-instrumentalist David Coulter thru a maze of Rats and Monkeys we ask ourselves the lingering question- Whaddit I done? Take the journey now.

David Coulter  -- Shinju (Pot etude#3) from Intervention 
The Art Bears -- Rats and Monkeys from Winter Songs
Animal Collective -- Whaddit I Done from Sung Tongs

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Merzbow is the starting determine the end point. Maybe you will make the entire flight thru these "bird songs", maybe you won't. Take the journey now.

Merzbow  --Plasma Birds from Hybrid Noisebloom
Diamanda Galas -- Birds of Death (Live) from Defixiones, Will and Testament
COIL -- Stange Birds from Musick to Play in the Dark, Vol 1

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From the extended guitar electronica of fennesz, through the dungeon of Wolf Eyes we emerge into a strange sort of Pattern Recognition via Sonic Youth. Take the journey now.

CD - Venice
cuts - onsra and Circassian

Wolf Eyes
CD-Burned Mind
Cut- Reapers Gong

Sonic Youth
CD - Sonic Nurse
cut- Pattern Recognition

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